New vigía versión will be released soon

Vigía is not just a monitoring system. Vigía is a set of custom developed solutions with a monitoring system that already has one of the best reputations of the industry. If we then add flexibility of hardware to that, we will get one of the most robust and customizable solutions that exists in the market nowadays.

Fulfills amply requirements
The use of this tool can be approached from different points of view, although it is mostly used in the deployment phase, in the operational phase and in the proactive or reactive maintenance phase. As an example of two cases of success within the security market where the number of elements to be monitored is considerably high and the additional functionalities requested where critical, our product amply fulfills the requirements.

What to expect?
The new version will contain:
– The option to create a 3-node cluster NTP synchronization with GPS for existing installations.
– NTP synchronization with GPS (citizens band) in extreme conditions.
– Customization of hardware for high performance features.
– Radius, DNS, Active Directory and SSH gateway service integration
– The option to create logical monitoring views
– Single platform and configuration management services

The Pulsar team is working hard to present the new Vigía version soon. The new components will make sure that the new Vigía version is going to be one of the most successful monitoring systems these days.

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