Pulsar releases version 2.5 of MPxP

Pulsar Technologies launched a new version of its MPS printing fleet service management application. MPxP version 2.5 includes 3 new exclusive features that make this version unique. Due to the demand for new features and given Pulsar’s intention to always keep innovating, it was decided to work on this new version. And now, here it is: MPxP 2.5.

Cost of printing information and profitability of your MPS contracts
This is the first new feature of MPxP 2.5. The option to add the cost per impression click is offered for your MPS contracts. From now on you can enter the cost for color printing and the costs for black and white printing. With this information about your MPS contracts, costs and gross margins can be easily calculated.

Remote model database update
With this new feature, our main printer database is connected and synchronized with our customers’ databases. If we update the database or an update is carried out by one of the clients, all databases are automatically updated now. It is no longer necessary to modify the main database each time a new printer is added to the client database. So now any new model in the database will be automatically updated in all MPxP.

Complete integration with JetAdvice
The third new feature allows the use of JetAdvice as a standard DCA. Your device data read through JetAdvice can be sent directly to MPxP. This interconnection is a great development.

The strength of this version of MPxP is that it is more open to third parties, such as interfacing to JetAdvice. The launch of this new version is a new success in the history of Pulsar. As for the future, we will always continue to look for more improvements and we will always continue to look for more innovations, for which we hope to continue receiving your contributions, suggestions and opinions.

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