About Pulsar

We apply our knowhow and innovation to develop new solutions based on technology

Since year 2000

International company

Technology firm that started in Spain, with a strong international presence, pioneer and reference in developing software and monitoring tools since the year 2000.

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What is unique about us

We know the market

Int eh development and use of tools for IT devices.

Know how​

Combining systems, software, processes, and technology devices.


Innovators and pioneers in the technology market.

Own tools

Hardware and Software tools patented for a proactive service in compliance with our customers´ SLAs.

Profitability and efficiency

Improvements on systems and processes that allow for a fast return on the investment.

Pay per use

Variable revenue model to match technology acceptance: the greater the use, the higher the payment.

Specialists in making your projects becoming true



The firm I have always hoped to develop my professional career in, and develop the solutions that seemed impossible and that I always dreamed about…

Solutions Manager


I am pleased to offer each customer a personalized solution so that they feel totally understood.


José Luis

I have previously developed many relevant projects in multinational companies, and where customers were not totally pleased. That made me create Pulsar.

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Our partners

They endorse our path and our desire to excel