Monitoring your IT Infrastructure with VIGIA

Anticipate and avoid network problems

IT Infrastructure Monitoring with VIGIA

Avoid any mistake! Do you feel stressed? You do nto know how make it all work? We have the best tool that will take care that all your systems work correctly. Now you will know in a visual and graphical way through color codes the status of all your IT systems/ communications/network/services. You will
also control all the resources, storage, memory, and any other element that is part of your IT infrastructure. And, in addition to the devices, you will control services under execution: file services, printing, applications…

We have the tool to have all your systems always working

VIGIA main characteristics

  • A 100% web product.
  •  New versions based on Open Source.
  • Graphical readings based on the data collected.
  • Reporting tool to know all systems availability.
  • User management and access lists to visualize hosts.
  • Easy configuration of the monitoring tool via web.
  • Intuitive and friendly.
  • Automated management of IP changes on the monitored hosts.

We can also offer you managed services, so we can control all elements of your IT infrastructure and give support to your users.