New Vigía V5.2 with monitoring and early warning against cyberattacks

Do not become the focus of cybercriminals. With Vigía V5.2 all your infrastructures will remain protected thanks to this updated version of our systems monitoring tool.

Vigía V5.2 has a function focused exclusively on cybersecurity. This means that, in addition to all the features that the Vigía system already included, it now ensures that all your company’s infrastructures are kept safe from any cyberthreat.

Why do SMEs need protection?

18 minutes are enough to hack a company and if it is an SME this time is even less because the vast majority of them do not have specialized personnel or resources. According to a recent study carried out by Google, the average cost of a cyberattack in Spain is 35,000 euros. And of all the attacks on Spanish companies, 70% are directed at SMEs, they point out from the Civil Guard.

This scenario is not very encouraging, but you can act to avoid becoming the target of cybercriminals.

How Vigía V5.2 protects your company

At Pulsar we are aware of all the damages caused by a cyberattack, damages that are not only financial but also liability to customers and business reputation. For this reason, we have developed in alliance with the company TSS Ciberseguridad the new version of the Vigía system.

A monitoring tool that now has a cybersecurity functionality. The product has a new tab with cybersecurity functions and also has a remote monitoring and early warning service for any type of cyberattack.

In this way, any incident is identified immediately and action can be taken and stopped before it wreaks havoc on the business. A tool that helps break the current average of 7 months that SMEs take to identify an attack. And all this for a cost of less than 100 euros for small companies. Don’t wait, act preventively.