How to revolutionize the hotel sector: LossLess Group and textile management

LossLess Group is a Dutch company that was founded to revolutionize textile management (bedding, towels, etc.) in the hotel sector through the generation of data that supports decision-making. Textiles are among the top three variable costs in operating a hotel, and with the new ideas from LossLess Group and the application developed by Pulsar, hotels can optimize their textile stock levels, improve housekeeping productivity, monitor laundry performance, manage the lifecycle of textiles, and enhance the sustainability of their operations. 

The combined effect of these benefits allows for a reduction in clothing management costs of up to 25% compared to the current model, resulting in an increase in EBITDA of up to 3%. As examples of success, a hotel chain with more than 200 hotels in Europe is implementing it, as well as another Nordic vacation hotel chain soon to follow suit.

Pulsar management process lossless group

The challenge

The management of LossLess Group come from the hotel services sector. In their extensive professional experience, they have observed the significant impact of textiles on hotels’ profit and loss accounts, due to laundry costs, the price of textiles themselves, and losses, thefts, and damages. They concluded that a solution for monitoring such garments would allow for cost rationalization and overall hotel management improvement.

LossLess Group, a 24/7 monitoring solution

The solution? Outfitting textiles with an RFID chip that allows for their localization and counting at critical points in their management process: warehouses, rooms, exits to laundry, washing process, and entries from the laundry. Using big data algorithms (similar to artificial intelligence), and with a controlled process, the results have been clear and demonstrable.

In the hotels of Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, or Spain where the solution proposed by LossLess Group has been implemented, average cost savings have reached 25%. Now the textile allocation is correct, and the software developed jointly with Pulsar allows for the optimization of garment usage, and even anticipating future demand (periods of maximum occupancy) so that there is never a shortage, but without acquiring excess garments, which incur acquisition and storage costs.

In the words of Fred van Duijkeren, operations director of LossLess Group, “Pulsar’s software development team has understood the complex logic of hotel operations and made it easy through an app used by hotel maids and laundry employees.” José Vilabella, CEO of LossLess Group, adds: “Pulsar becomes, de facto, a partner of ours in delivering a complex service to multinational clients.”

Software optimization garment usage

For Pulsar, LossLess Group’s challenge includes the development of an app and associated hardware (fixed and mobile readers) for a solution for clients who cannot afford to stop for even a day: hotels are open 365 days a year!

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