Business Management with ERP


Manage your Business

Overwhelmed by the day to day of your firm? Does your company have important projects and keeps growing, yet every time is becoming more difficult to manage the daily tasks?

You cannot continue this way. You have important decisions to make, because if you do not have enough time, you and your business are going to collapse.

Analyze your Business with Pulsar ERP

Forget about it all. We will take care of it. Pulsar ERP is the best solution for this kind of needs. You will be able to easily analyze all aspects of your company. You will find the major bottlenecks from each part of your firm, and you will have all pertaining information on real time to make the right decisions and determine the best course of action in every case.

¡ Now is the time, and Pulsar ERP is the solution you were looking for !

Select the modules you need, and grow along with your business

Pulsar ERP is a software product that adapts itself easily to each customer needs. Your Business can grow with it thanks to the modules that more than 5 million users are currently using all over the world.

You need to initial investment, as it is a cloud-based solution. You will be able to do your different management funcitons such as Sales, CRM, Purchases, Warehouses, Reports, Users, and Preferences.

Pulsar ERP

Control all different warehouses, inventories, receiving, shipping, stocks, turnover, units.
It will allow you to have all communications with a single customer centralized, on a single place, and available for all your personnel.
Open Purchase Orders, POs delivered, POs authorized (approval matrix included), margins per PO, purchases by vendor, etc.
Customizable module for you to have your main reports as part of your personal dashboard...
Take a quick look at your customers, sales, POs received, profitability, invoicing, and contracts.​
Choose the different user types depending upon their role, and their preferences in terms of language, currency, etc.

What are the Major Advantages of Pulsar ERP?

Do you want to set up your own ERP?​