Kit Digital

Kit Digital Program co-funded by Next Generation funds (EU) for the Regenerations and Resilience of firms


The Kit Digital Program has as its main objective to give financial aid through grants to fund the implementation of available digital solutions that exist in the market. This will help SMBs to make further progress on their digital transformation to help them become evolved and better businesses.

The Kit Digital Program has been funded with 3.067 million euros on non-refundable grants, funded by the European Funds Next Generation. Kit Digital supports SMB on their digital marketing transformation in order to reach new markets, helping them in adopting digital solutions that will unleash all their market potential.


  • Be a small company, microbusiness, or professional.
  • Meet the financial and other criteria that define the company type.
  • Bean active business and have a minimum existence period in accordance with the Kit Digital Program basis.
  • Not be considered a Business under financial crisis.
  • Be totally up to date with all fiscal and social security obligations.
  • Not be under a pending recovery order from the European
    Commission due to an illegal or incompatible oficial grant.
  • Not be under the prohibitions described article 13.2 of the Law 38/2003, dated November 17, on General Grants.
  • Not to exceed the minimum grant amount (small amounts).

What are the amount of the grants?


Up to 2.000€


Up to 6.000€


Up to 12.000€

Requested digital agent categories

We offer you the best solutions to increase your internet presence



Price ranges:

Between 3.330 and 38.000€

Pulsar ERP performs all the basic functions of company management, Billing, Sales, Purchasing, Taxes, Warehouses, CRM, etc.

Pulsar ERP is one of the most powerful products in the market, with hundreds of modules available for any kind of company and need and with more than 5 million users worldwide.

Customer Management: Store and consult the data of each of your customers, from their registration as a business opportunity, and simulate the purchase of products or contracting of services.

Lead Management (Leads): Register new Leads. The data associated with the Leads will allow you to manage them commercially with the aim of converting them into customers.

Opportunity management: Manage all business opportunities and check the status of each one of them (under analysis, offer submitted, under negotiation, won, cancelled, etc.).

Commercial actions or tasks: Create commercial actions and tasks, both manually and automatically.

Reporting, business planning and monitoring: Follow-up through indicators (KPIs), list of opportunities, etc. Generate reports for tracking and monitoring your commercial activity.

Alerts: Display Customer Alerts in different types of graphic format (icons, pop-up messages, etc.).

Document management: Centralised document management capable of inserting and/or linking documents related to your commercial activity.

Responsive Design: You will have a functional interface on all types of devices.

Integration with various platforms: You will have APIs or Web Services for the consolidation of information and data of your entire company.

Maximum amount of aid

  • 10 < 50 employees: 125€/ device up to 48 devices)


secure communications

IOT, sondas pulsar de monitorización

Price ranges:
Between 4.500 and 25.000€

Your business has physical points that can be monitored and controlled by devices or “probes” that we will build based on open market standards.

At Pulsar we have designed the device communications using our own encrypted software for the implementation of any IoT project so that these probes are autonomous.
  • Installation of ONE Fortinet perimeter security equipment and support for 12 months.
  • SSL: the solution shall use a secure socket layer protocol, to create a secure and encrypted connection.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Obtaining Connection Logs.
  • Access control including restrictions by physical device.
  • Enabled for access via mobile devices.
  • The service includes Initial Configuration and security updates for 12 months.

Maximum amount of aid

  • 0 < 3 employees: 125€/device (up to 2 devices)

  • 3 < 9 employees: 125€/ device (up to 9 devices)

  • 10 < 50 employees: 125€/ device (up to 48 devices)




Price ranges:
Between 3.700 and 13.400€
  1. You can visually and graphically colour-code the status of your systems, communications/network equipment and services.
  2. It shall monitor the use of resources, storage used, memory and the different elements that make up its installation.
  3. It will not only manage the devices but also the running services: file servers, print servers, applications, etc.


Once the solution has been configured, the following functionalities will be available:

  • Antimalware.
  • Antispyware.
  • Secure mail (Antispam, Antiphishing).
  • Safe browsing (Content control, Antiadware).
  • Threat analysis and detection.
  • Network monitoring.
  • Automatic security updates.
  • The client will receive training for the administration of the security environment and good practices for a secure use of the information systems.

Maximum amount of aid

  • 0 < 3 employees: 125€/device (up to 2 devices)

  • >3 < 9 employees: 125€/ device (up to 9 devices)

  • 10 < 50 employees: 125€/ device (up to 48 devices)