Collaboration with Telecor

At the beginning of 2013 Pulsar Technologies and Telecor started collaborating. Both companies are completely sure that this collaboration is the beginning of a new lucrative and successful project. So far the experience has been excellent.

About Telecor
Telecor is a commercial network of telecommunication shops that offers mobile phones, laptops, tablets, pc´s and printers. They focus on both the business to business market and the business to consumer market. At the moment Telecor has more than 200 establishments throughout Spain.

Why collaborate?
This collaboration is started in order to take advantage of each other’s product or market knowledge. Pulsar can take advantage Telecor´s commercial presence and knowledge of the SMB market. On the other hand we can provide Telecor all of our expertise about the printing market, the competitive prices from our alliances with manufacturers and the quality of management supported by our monitoring system in continuous technologic improvement.

Results up to now
Our collaboration has led to a couple of good results already and it looks like the sales are increasing quickly. We both hope that we could continue this line in the coming months.

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