Monthly reports and costumer web

Our customers enjoy automatically generated reports to evaluate and following the MPS service, as Pulsar makes available several standard reports:

Monthly Reports

  • Invoice/report of printed pages,
  • Number of delivered consumables per device,
  • Network communications efficiency,
  • Overused and underused devices filter…
  • …And other customized ones could be easily created.

In addition to this monthly information source, every service contract is associated to a specific website for each customer, where the most recent status of their printers and MFP photocopiers are loaded for daily supervision or additional data needs for internal management:

  • Inventory for each service contract
  • Daily page counters per device
  • Month-to-day counters per device
  • Available consumable capacity
  • Display messages per device
  • Offline printers, off the network or off the monitoring system…

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