Service contract

The tendency to obtain equipment to be used under a MPS service model allows the customer to acquire the necessary information to make optimal decisions about it.

Service Contract

This kind of pay per use service is a growing market tendency that comes with the big advantage of changing eventual investments of sensible amounts into monthly expenses during the time of usage of the involved equipment; just a few systems would allow a more clear and -practical application of the model than printing devices, as the usage measurement unit is evident and easy to control by the customer: printed pages.

A full-effective optimization system for the use of the printing equipment must be proactive and dynamic: it means that it must foresee as many management actions as possible and launch them automatically, and that it must be able to change its configuration according to the usage of the devices during their life cycle. The constant monitoring service that we deliver with our own technology, and the continuous analysis of the data through our management software, allow you to know the right fit of the equipment not only to current needs but to its evolving ones as well.

The contract can include services by Pulsar or third party companies (installation, training, printing auditing and consulting, preventive maintenance and repairing…) or printers of different manufacturers or brands (monitoring devices, printers or MFP photocopiers for technology renewal plans, accessories…) or consumables (of different brands or generics) based on the customers’ needs or their strategic plans, with Pulsar as a perfect partner for coordination and implementation.

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