Costs savings

One of the main characteristics of our services is that we can suggest ideas for costs savings of the printing environment. These savings are not theoretical but can also be agreed to be shared based on the actual usage of the printing equipment, and we can measure it proactively without any interference with its functionality nor other customer’s infrastructure (printing servers, TI security rules, network traffic…)

During the service contract, the next typical administrative tasks related to printers to be automated are:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Toner need detection
  • Advanced purchase and delivery of toner
  • Breakdown and offline detection and alert…

Working this way, indirect costs will fall drastically, but our systems also optimize the proper use of the printers and the user satisfaction, and all the related hidden costs, avoiding or diminishing:

  • User dissatisfaction when they overuse a printer, as they have to recharge paper and consumables more often than usual, and they suffer with lower printing speed than needed
  • Higher number of breakdowns of the overused printer
  • Lack of use of printers with lower cost per page
  • Stopped printers due to lack of consumables or technical incidences quick diagnostic

One of the most important help topics that customers receive through this optimization system is related to the management of the printer’s obsolescence; no matter the number of technical incidences they can have, the better consumable prices that can be negotiated on long term agreements, etc., obsolete printers will probably mean very high printer costs comparing with new printers of their range, taking into consideration toner market prices and durability,, kits/pieces sets, and the growing price of malfunction repairs or maintenance contracts.

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