DACER: Reading device

Dacer reading devicePulsar’s method to monitor different brands and printer models in real time and be able to grab the needed information to deliver this Pay per Print service, is to install a DACER device in the customer’s network to read periodically the status of the printers and send, via e-mail, the results without any interference with the equipment functionalities or the network integrity, with full respect to documents and users confidentiality rules.

{rokbox title=| Dacer Diagram | size=|600 327| thumbsize=|228 230| }images/dacer-diagram.png{/rokbox}

Next diagram shows the scheme of the monitoring system with a DACER that reads the status of the printers and sends them to Pulsar/PxP User through the standard methods.

The delivery of the information is done so that the size of the e-mail messages is as small as possible, coding its structure and formatting it as plain text.

All this information is stored into Pulsar’s database, continuously analyzed by our software to detect in time the need of actions to be launched: toner need notice, technical support need alert, page counting to create reports or generate invoices… as well as toner or kits durability deviations, incorrect piece installations, etc. (note: the database is located wherever the PxP application is located, whether at Pulsar or at the MPS service delivery company location)

Our capability to monitor devices includes others than printers but part of the printing environment (network users data base, printing servers, software, network devices…) so that any malfunction would be immediately known by the customer to get them fixed by the internal or external maintenance responsible.

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