More than 100.000 Terabytes under constant monitoring!

Pulsar Technologies´ software already monitors more than 100.000 terabytes from customers all over the world.

Pulsar Technologies has just reached a new milestone: our software for monitoring storage usage has exceeded the 100.000 terabytes.

Some of our major customers sell storage solutions under a pay per use program (such as NetApp). In order to provide such demanding service in a proactive, automated way they need to have very robust monitoring application. The application that accounts with full precision disk usage has been developed by Pulsar, and it has just recently exceeded the 100.000 terabytes of actual storage, a milestone in the storage market.

Pulsar develops for the most advanced technology providers the applications needed for pay per use programs. In the constantly -changing world of IT, only those companies that anticipate the future are the ones that succeed. And Pulsar applications are another element of their success.

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