15th anniversary of Pulsar Technologies

We are proud to announce the 15th Anniversary of Pulsar Technologies! In June 2000 when Pulsar was established we always wanted to become an international innovative company and now, 15 years later, we can say with proud that we have achieved our goals. From a small talented group of employees we have made it now to approximately 80 employees who operate in different continents such as North Africa, Europe and North America. Nowadays our products and services are provided in almost 12 countries and this will increase in the near future.

Pulsar has been able to weather through an enormous economic crisis that is finally behind. We have been able to maintain and even increase employment, we have increased our strategic alliances, and we have delivered new products and services.  


We strive to make the use of IT technology a simple yet satisfying experience! In the coming years our goal is to realize our mission and become a recognized player in the IT sector. We will develop new products and services that are not even dreamed of!

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