Pulsar Technologies, S.A. Announces new cooperation with Printfleet INC

MADRID, February, 2015, Pulsar Technologies S.A. today announced a new cooperation with Print Fleet to create a program that enables customers to procure and manage their print environment. Both companies are devoting joint R&D efforts on this field.

Both companies are operating in the IT sector and are offering device-monitoring software that is used by top global MPS providers as part of their MPS portfolio. This is a perfect combination as innovation is the main key for both of the companies. Moreover, they also pay close attention to R&D for creating new programs which makes them very interesting for a lot of MPS providers to partner with them.

Companies today are struggling with the need to maximize end-user productivity, reduce risks associated technology and reduce the risk associated with change by basing acquisition, deployment and obsolescence on a flexible strategy with acquiring new technology as well as manage and control costs. With this program it should be able to create a streamlined payment and service plan that provides access to best-in-class.

The key benefits of the Pulsar and Print Fleet Technologies are:

  • Reduced complexity and management of the print environment –customer receives actual cost and usage summary reports monthly;
  • Easier management and control of hardcopy budgets through a monthly payment;
  • Enhanced end-user productivity by providing access to best-in-class technology;
  • Environmentally friendly – toner recycling is included;
  • Any printing device from any manufacturer is actually monitored and managed.

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