The optimization of the cost/value ratio of printing

MPS (management print services) should not be limited only on reducing costs but also on optimizing your business and increasing productivity.

The system “Pay per Print” of PULSAR Technologies is much more than just a program in which companies pay for pages printed. As a professional response to the needs of corporate printing, PULSAR Technologies services create value and go far beyond simple cost savings.

All the organizations looking for advice on a number of key issues related to their specific business, from technology to how they are perceived by their customers, to business processes, environmental projects and human resource. The MPS strategy is a vital part for the entire company, especially for the information management (IT).

In any internal process, the more is integrated within the core business of a company the higher the profit, so our approach goes beyond printing. In the case of printing services, PULSAR Technologies offers:

  • Strategy production optimization: search for printing requirements; design a focused solution to print less.
  • Total visibility of cost. Spending is transparent and there are no financial surprises.
  • Proactive and reactive services. Combining the supervision and logistics of supplies to support service.
  • Asset management from the beginning to the end will ensure the optimization of printing devices.
  • Information management and control. To show in detail the printing habits of the company and its employees.
  • Continuous improvement program, to ensure that you are using the best printing infrastructure and the most appropriate technology all the time, not just at the beginning of the contra.

This is why we can provide a number of hidden benefits and key issues that can often go undetected or uncontrolled and concern to the service “Pay per Print”.

  • Optimization of the workflow. Our solution involves more than managing printers. Before starting, business processes are reviewed, providing a response designed to fit exactly to the needs of the company.
  • Rationalization of infrastructure. When a company proposes to undertake a project to implement printing structure or renew it, your first thought is how much you can save on hardware. The main concern of many companies is to have enough printers for all staff and often pay little attention to what is really needed and why. It is possible that several devices can be replaced by a multifunction also, color devices could be replaced by black and white when color is not essential. It is also important to review how it works in the business environment. With the solution “Pay per Print” of PULSAR technologies these factors can be monitored continuously and the printing infrastructure can be modified to suit business needs.
  • Control of supplies. Companies need to store different types of toner, paper and inks that correspond to each of the models of printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) with those who own or use procedures and internal resources for fast and efficient acquisition of them who wish to store less. When MPS is done in a centralized way, this problem can be reduced not only by streamlining the equipment, but also through the delivery of supplies at the right time. For example, the toner of a device is about to end. What would happen in the office at that moment? A person has to go to the storage room and find the correct cartridge to replace the toner or begin the process of buying it if you did not have stored it. The solution “Pay per Print” of PULSAR Technologies allows the cartridges to be delivered proactively prior to the time when they are empty, avoid storing them, which not only saves space, but also having to get rid of new cartridges stored when you change the printer. In this case the productivity is not affected and the company can continue operating without interruption.
  • Reduced downtime due to failure of the printer. Continuous checking of not only the status of consumables, but also of the printers themselves, we can detect any fault in the very moment it occurs and to send notice by electronic means to your service provider to proceed with repair. The notice is accompanied with specific information that provides the repairer with the location and the specific part needed to ensure immediate resolution of the problem.

That is why, PULSAR Technologies offers:

  • MPS, which covers everything: from the choice of printers, maintenance, installation and even the supply and installation of any of its consumables.
  • We are multi-branding and multi-servicing: for each application, we select the best printing option that is available at the market.
  • We do not propose to change the printer which you already have: only advice you about the costs of the printing machine.
  • Accepted service level commitments.
  • We will provide regular reports to the management, printing equipment and cost center reports, optimization, supplies etc.
  • We adjust them to their current structure: we do not ask to change the processes unless the benefits are obvious.

The result: Support comprehensive MPS

  • In essence, the service “Pay per Print” of PULSAR Technologies is a mechanism that allows us to offer our clients the best supplies management practices, strategic consulting and support service and infrastructure optimization. Our service helps companies to:
  • Optimize the print stream. Streamline the printing infrastructure.
  • Check printing supplies to maintain productivity.
  • Reduce downtime in case the printer is inactive due to failure of the printer.