The portuguese CPC uses Pulsar’s MPXP sotfware

CPC, a leading Portuguese distributor of MPS and printing solutions, has just successfully started to use Pulsar’s MPxP application for printer fleet management.

CPC is a well known firm, market leader in the Portuguese market, and with a vast experience in MPS contracts. In order to efficiently manage its growing number of MPS contract, CPC has evaluated the different alternatives available in the marketplace, and finally it has chosen Pulsar´s MPxP.

The MPxP software is now being used to automatically monitor the printing devices from CPC customers in Portugal. These customers will now receive proactively any toner or consumable that the printer might need as well as their monthly invoice of all pages printed. Also, CPC customers will receive periodic reports that will help them reduce their printing costs.

Pulsar is therefore taking an important step towards having a solid presence in the Portuguese market, since we started to have local people early on this year.

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