New Vigia V.5 launch

Pulsar Technologies announces the launch of the new, highly improved version of our network ad IT equipment monitor named VIGIA. This new launched version, VIGIA v.5.1, is a software tool specifically designed for the SMB IT environment.

Among its multiple functionalities we will highlight:

  • Constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure, servers, desktops, network equipment, communications, processes and software
  • Alerts via email of the events beyond threshold limits that the administrator configures
  • Different types of alerts, different recipients
  • Performance analysis, bottlenecks detection, potential problems and hazards detection
  • All kind of reports, historical performance of the IT infrastructure

To all the above, the new version 5.1 adds, among other functionalities:

  • It is a 100% cloud-based product
  • Different levels of accessibility and users
  • Just one single probe installed ant the customer site collects all monitoring data
  • The probe is sent with an auto-install program that detects the IT infrastructure equipment automatically
  • Automated management of all IP changes at the monitored hosts level
  • Available in SaaS mode, entirely on the cloud

PULSAR VIGIA 5.1 is an easy to configure and to use tool, available through a small monthly cost that includes the software, the probe, the hosting of the application on the cloud, the automated security backups, etc. Pulsar can also provide setup and usage Support and consultancy.

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