Leasyprint Iberica selects Pulsar’s Technology to run its mps program

LeasyPrint Iberica, as it already did LeasyPrint Netherlands B.V., have selected and installed Pulsar Technologies´ MPS Fleet Management Application to monitor and manage their printer devices and customers.

Both companies, LeasyPrint Iberica and LeasyPrint Netherlands B.V. are active in the MPS (“Managed Print Services”) area for HP products in the Belgium, Dutch, Spain and Portuguese markets. Both companies manage a large portfolio of printing devices, to whom monitoring is key to proactively send consumables, technical service, usage reports, costs-savings reports, or just to be able to invoice real pages printed at month-end.

Pulsar provides both companies with our well known MPxP printer fleet monitoring tool, as well as the remote monitoring devices called MPS Agents. LeasyPrint has chosen the Pulsar solution based on the savings derived from an automated, proactive management of the printing devices.>

More information on

Leasyprint Netherlands B.V. www.leasyprint.nl
LeasyPrint Iberica  www.leasyprint.es

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