Independent monitoring, custom and multi-branded, the key to improve any service in relation to printing

Pulsar has almost 14 years of accumulated experience in the sector we serve, mainly because of the continuous research and development of the tools and services that have proven to be useful for end customers, and also by simplifying the tasks of their suppliers. These suppliers can be as diverse as computing maintenance companies, consumable suppliers, printer resellers, leasing companies, resellers of cost per copy programs, solution integrators and outsourcers, which over time have created our distribution channel and have become our business partners.

Our own monitoring solution has certainly been the tool, either licensed or as a service, which has facilitated our channel more and more every day, regardless what type of company or end users buy or hire their products or services. Capturing data in a non-intrusive way, multi-branded, through software or hardware, centralized or in different locations, running analysis to generate automatic warnings, customizing alerts and reports,… have multiple applications, none of them are excluded, which have been exploited for our channel for years, both in Spain and other countries where Pulsar has partners.

In this and other articles we will specify up to 5 aspects which will be optimized through monitoring, finding the formula to both satisfy the customers and their end-user, by correctly benefiting from your supplier:

  • Managing consumables
  • Maintenance and reparations
  • Optimization
  • Technology refresh
  • Pay per Page

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