Improve your business efficiency through IOT (Internet of Things)

When we speak about improving the efficiency of a business we often forget about the many physical devices that we have in our workplace, essential for doing our job, or to ease our lives. We can get much more of them through IOT.

Yet, what is IOT? This acronym stands for Internet of Things. The concept IOT has been around for a long time, but often we do not fully understand what it means, or what can it do to benefit our businesses.

The Big Data specialist Siddhartha Vadlamudi gives us a good explanation; IOT is basically a network of physical objects or “things” that have been equipped with sensors, software and other technologies with the objective that they can connect, communicate and exchange data with a wide variety of connected devices -similar or not- and systems through internet.

This concept applies to a myriad of things and has multiple applications, that in the case of a business environment, their control allows to maximize their use, save costs, and have processes under control.

IOT in your business

Any firm has many areas and physical elements that can be monitored and controlled through devices or “agent sensors” that we develop adapted for any need or firm. Among these elements we mention light sensors, humidity sensors, air quality sensors, presence sensors, movement sensors, and many others.

Using a personalized solution developed by a technology company within a affordable budget, you will have much greater control of all major systems of your firm.