Consulting Kit

Kit Consulting is a digital advisory program supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. It will provide you with the essential tools and approaches in key areas such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, so you can lay the foundations for a solid long-term digital strategy.


✔ Company Size: 10 – 250 employees.

✔ Have a Tax Address in Spain.

✔ Not finding yourself in a financial crisis situation.

✔ Be up to date with Tax Obligations.

✔ Be registered with the IAE.

✔ Have a minimum of 6 months of activity.

Quel est le montant de l’aide ?


Between 10 and 49 employees: €12,000


Between 50 and 99 employees: €18,000


Between 100 and 249 employees: €24,000

Specialized and personalized digital advice

With advisory services, SMEs will obtain an itinerary that will allow you to promote the digital transformation of your businesses

What is the Consulting Kit?

Kit Consulting is the Spanish Government's aid program that allows SMEs like yours to design the roadmap for their digital transformation.

Who is it addressed to?

The advisory services provided by the Kit Consulting Program are aimed at small and medium-sized companies with between 10 and less than 250 employees.

How to request the Consulting Kit?

You only have to comply with the requirements established within the bases of the call and follow the following steps:


Consult all advisory services.

2.Bonus application

Access and select your digital voucher electronically.


Choose us and contact us to be your digital advisor.

Pulsar, Kit Consulting in Process Consulting

The main objective of this service is to identify areas of improvement and optimization in your SME’s current business processes, as well as the definition of a personalized process improvement plan in key areas. Instead of a business process, this advisory service can be aimed at optimizing one of the production or manufacturing processes. In either case, techniques related to artificial intelligence will be used, and the creation of a use case adapted to the business is included.

Price range between €12,000 and €25,000

The Associate Digital Advisor will be in charge of carrying out a series of activities to guarantee the correct implementation of improvements in business or production processes:

  • Understand the strategic goals, key points and objectives of your SME and align them with a focus on digitalization, use of artificial intelligence and improvement of business processes (or, where applicable, selected manufacturing process).
  • Analyze the business processes you currently carry out to identify possible improvements. In the case of production processes, an analysis of the selected manufacturing process will be carried out, identifying areas of opportunity for efficiency, quality and continuous improvement.
  • Effectively communicate to your SME employees the strategic relevance of process digitalization, highlighting how this not only optimizes daily work, but also strengthens competitiveness.
  • Provide specialized advice on business process management and artificial intelligence tools, ranging from sales and human resources to project management, and highlighting specific solutions to improve efficiency and quality. If, instead, a manufacturing process has been chosen, advice will be provided on tools and technology for the optimization and automation of that production process.
  • Develop and execute a use case adapted to an SME, using appropriate techniques, for the optimization of a business process or, where applicable, manufacturing process.
  • Identify opportunities or possible uses of AI in the field of business processes or, where appropriate, production processes.


Aid amount

  • 10 < 50 employees: €6,000

  • 100 < 250 employees: €6,000

  • 50 < 100 employees: €6,000